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Marty Saccone

Lubec, ME


Welcome, thank you for taking a moment to view my work.
My name is Marty Saccone, I'm a photographer located at the easternmost town
on the United States mainland, Lubec, Maine
Lubec is a small coastal town a bit off the beaten path, 50 miles from the nearest traffic light.
It's not the end of the world, but you can almost see it from here. ;-)

My work focuses on landscapes and seascapes, dense fogs, ocean tides, lighthouses,
fishing boats, wildlife, wetlands, quaint harbors and other subjects in this beautiful unexploited
area of New England known as down east Maine.
My intent, to offer a compelling glimpse into the surrounding area and its pristine beauty.

The images displayed are exclusively available thru this website
A little about myself:
My interest in photography began in 1961 while serving in the USMC.
Over the years my primary career was as a design draftsman, my secondary as a photographer.
I worked industrial, portrait, wedding, nature, scenic and auto sport disciplines over those years.
Since retirement I have directed my creative interests to nature and scenic fine art photography.
I thoroughly enjoy searching out unique perspectives to achieve the final image appearance I seek.
I'm photo editor for a magazine called "Nature Photographer"
As time permits I'm out shooting and adding new work to my portfolio.
Stop by again,, say hello and see what's new,....down east.
This website is all inclusive,...meaning everything from viewing, selecting, ordering
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prints on metal, acrylic and wood substrates and more.
Prints are museum quality using archival inks on premium substrate materials.
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Delivery of work averages under two weeks, a bit longer during holiday season.

Any questions or Inquires.....just email

If you like what you see please share my website with family and friends.
Nice meeting you here.
I thank you again for your interest in my work.
Muchly appreciated
As photographers we are sometimes unknowingly historians capturing
the last fleeting images of subjects now lost to obscurity.
Images may not be copied, reproduced,
manipulated or used in any way without
expressed written permission of Marty Saccone.
U.S. copyright law applies, all rights reserved.
'My Spirit Place' ......Quoddy Head State Park

I walk this place, experience its beauty, solitude and rage, exploring its soul

Spruce and balsam forest the landscape, jagged precipices compromise its extents descending abruptly into the Bay of Fundy.

Sentinel gulls hover and glide populating the sky, migrating water fowl in sporadic vees skim tidal swells escaping into the wild.

Extreme tides, precarious outcrops, treacherous currents and dense fogs are a constant.

Quoddy Head 'fertile and beautiful place' a name given thousands of years ago by native Passamaquoddy to this easternmost peninsula on the United States mainland.
Popular display ideas......
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Nautical motifs and arrangements
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Into the Setting Sun by Marty Saccone


Sea Asylum Seen Better Days by Marty Saccone


Mic Mav by Marty Saccone


Schooner American Eagle by Marty Saccone


Late Starter by Marty Saccone


Incoming Ocean Surge At Quoddy Head State Park by Marty Saccone


Storm at Gulliver's Hole by Marty Saccone


Storm Lifting at Gulliver's Hole by Marty Saccone


Wild Irises by Marty Saccone


Explosive by Marty Saccone


Backlit Blossoms by Marty Saccone


Mulholland Point Lighthouse by Marty Saccone


Hermine Influence At Acadia Schoodic Point by Marty Saccone


Golden Backlit West Quoddy Head Lighthouse by Marty Saccone


Late Afternoon Sun on West Quoddy Head Lighthouse by Marty Saccone


Shrouded in Morning Sea Smoke by Marty Saccone


Moored in Blustery Sea Smoke by Marty Saccone


Moored at 10 Below Zero by Marty Saccone


Lubec Channel Light by Marty Saccone


Sub Zero Sea Fog and High Tide Overflow by Marty Saccone


Lubec Channel Lighthouse by Marty Saccone


Stonington Maine Morning Fog by Marty Saccone


Foggy Day Lobstering by Marty Saccone


Pilings and Ladderways by Marty Saccone


Great Blue Heron Stalking Breakfast by Marty Saccone


Inland Barren Sweeping View by Marty Saccone


Maine Wild Blueberries by Marty Saccone


Late Autumn Crimson Blueberry Barrens by Marty Saccone


Mooring Hitch by Marty Saccone


Gaff and Mainsail by Marty Saccone


Still in the Fog by Marty Saccone


Flemish Flake Rope Coil by Marty Saccone


Dock Cleat with Red and White Dock Line by Marty Saccone


Cat Hole and Hawser No2 by Marty Saccone


Docking Cleat with Manila Rope by Marty Saccone


Sails in the Sunset by Marty Saccone


Camden Harbor Maine at 4AM by Marty Saccone


Diapensia At First Light by Marty Saccone


Lubec Landmarks Pastel Storefronts by Marty Saccone


Forgotten Downeast Smokehouse by Marty Saccone


Late Afternoon Fog At Cutler Harbor by Marty Saccone


Hosmer Pond in Camden Maine by Marty Saccone


Capelco Passing Thru Foggy Johnson Bay by Marty Saccone


Foggy Morning Departure by Marty Saccone


Barn and Shed on Boot Cove Road by Marty Saccone


Backlit Meadow Grasses by Marty Saccone


Sunburst by Marty Saccone


Artisan Door Eave Diarama by Marty Saccone