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Marty Saccone

Lubec, ME


Accent on Down East Maine.
My name is Marty Saccone, I'm a photographer located at the easternmost town
on the United States mainland, Lubec, Maine
Lubec is a small coastal town a bit off the beaten path, 50 miles from the nearest traffic light.
It's not the end of the world, but you can almost see it from here. ;-)

My work focuses on landscapes and seascapes, dense fogs, ocean tides, lighthouses,
fishing boats, wildlife, wetlands, quaint harbors and other subjects in this beautiful unexploited
area of New England known as down east Maine.
My intent, to offer a compelling glimpse into the surrounding area and its pristine beauty.

A little about myself:
I began photographing while serving in the USMC.
Although a lifelong photographer, my professional career was as a design draftsman.
I've worked in industrial, portrait, wedding, nature, scenic and auto sport disciplines.
Since retirement I direct my creative interests to nature and scenic fine photography.
I enjoy searching out unique perspectives to achieve the final image appearance I seek.
I'm also photo editor for "Nature Photographer" magazine.

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As photographers we are sometimes unknowingly historians capturing
the last fleeting images of subjects now lost to obscurity.
'My Spirit Place' ......Quoddy Head State Park, Lubec, Maine
I walk this place, experience its beauty, solitude and rage, exploring its soul.
Spruce and balsam forest the landscape, jagged precipices compromise its extents descending abruptly into the Bay of Fundy.
Sentinel gulls hover and glide populating the sky, migrating water fowl in sporadic vees skim tidal swells escaping into the wild.
Extreme tides, precarious outcrops, treacherous currents and dense fogs are a constant.
Quoddy Head 'fertile and beautiful place' a name given thousands of years ago by native Passamaquoddy to this easternmost peninsula on the United States mainland.


Maine Bold Coast Sentinal by Marty Saccone


West Quoddy Head Lighthouse with Milky Way Starscape by Marty Saccone


Maine West Quoddy Head Lighthouse Version 2 by Marty Saccone


Moma Robin Incubating by Marty Saccone


Male and Female Robin on Nest by Marty Saccone


Mother Robin Feeding Her Young by Marty Saccone


Nurturing The Little Ones by Marty Saccone


Frazzled Look of Fatherhood by Marty Saccone


Juvenile Robins Just Prior to Fledging by Marty Saccone


Where Is Everyone Going by Marty Saccone


Vacancy by Marty Saccone


Robin Hanging In There by Marty Saccone


A Worm Would Taste Better by Marty Saccone


Robins Portrait Pose by Marty Saccone


Savannah Sparrow by Marty Saccone


Puffins Discussin by Marty Saccone


Lupines Sidelit By First Sunlight by Marty Saccone


Blue Heron Fishing Gotcha by Marty Saccone


Bumblebee on Thistle Blossom by Marty Saccone


Great Blue Heron at Down East Maine Wetland by Marty Saccone


Dory and Mooring by Marty Saccone


Fishing the Waters of Down East Maine by Marty Saccone


Dory and Mooring on Black by Marty Saccone


A Lobster Boat Livelihood by Marty Saccone


Popes Folly Island by Marty Saccone


Foggy Down East Anchorage by Marty Saccone


Turquoise Lobster Boat At Mooring by Marty Saccone


Moored At First Light by Marty Saccone


Stars and Light Beams - West Quoddy Head Lighthouse by Marty Saccone


Star Trails and Morning Glow by Marty Saccone


Light From Within by Marty Saccone


Bold Coast Sentinel by Marty Saccone


Beacon In The Night West Quoddy Head Lighthouse by Marty Saccone


West Quoddy Head Lighthouse Panorama by Marty Saccone


Crashing Wave at Quoddy by Marty Saccone


Radiant Sunrise Surf by Marty Saccone


Down East Maine Coastal Seascape by Marty Saccone


Three Cairn Seascape by Marty Saccone


Foggy Morning Downtime by Marty Saccone


Cairns in Silhouette by Marty Saccone


Beached Dory 2 by Marty Saccone


Morning Commute by Marty Saccone


Bailey's Mistake Coastal Landscape by Marty Saccone


Wallace Cove Fog Rolling In Panorama by Marty Saccone


Velvet Surf by Marty Saccone


Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow by Marty Saccone


Side Lit Wave Crashes Ashore at Quoddy Boldcoast by Marty Saccone


Another Chance by Marty Saccone