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Marty Saccone

Lubec, ME


Down East Maine Fine Art Photography.

Hello and welcome

My name is Marty Saccone.
I'm a photographer located in Lubec, Maine the easternmost town on the United States mainland.

I photograph nautical theme subjects, landscapes, seascapes, lighthouses, still life studies in the natural environment and other subjects of interest in all seasons as they pertain to this beautiful and unique area of New England.

My work primarily focuses on the Down East Maine experience, its remote unexploited character, beauty, distinct solitude and its hard working people.

I hope my images somehow connect with viewers who haven't experienced this place as well as those who have.
Achieving interesting and strong compositions is my goal and an ongoing challenge I thoroughly enjoy.
It's more than just photography though,....each day I say a quiet thank you to a greater power for the gift and spiritual experience I find in this beautiful location.

A little about myself:
My interest in photography began in 1961 while serving in the USMC.
I've worked at and continue to enjoy many interesting disciplines of this art form.
I've been fortunate to have several of my images published in "Down East",..the magazine of honor I'm proud of.
I'm also photo editor for a nature photography magazine which I somehow squeeze into and balance with my camera time......not enuf hours in a day ;-)
Click on any image in my gallery for a larger size view,...also a brief photo description and additional options to peruse.

All prints are museum quality prints with a satisfaction guaranteed policy to meet your discriminating expectations.

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I'm always adding new work, stop by again, say hello and see what's new.
My Down East Maine images are only available online at:

Images may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated or used in any way without written permission of Marty Saccone.
A little intro I wrote for submitting my work for publication.

'My Spirit Place'
Quoddy Head State Park - Lubec, Maine

I walk this place, experience its beauty, solitude and rage, exploring its soul

Spruce and balsam forest the landscape, jagged precipices compromise its extents descending abruptly into the Bay of Fundy.

Sentinel gulls hover and glide populating the sky, migrating water fowl in sporadic vees skim tidal swells escaping into the wild.

Extreme tides, precarious outcrops, treacherous currents and dense fogs are a constant.

Quoddy Head 'fertile and beautiful place' a name given thousands of years ago by native Passamaquoddy to this easternmost peninsula on the United States mainland.
Marty Saccone
Down East Maine fine art photography to Enhance........

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Eastern Wild Turkey No 2 by Marty Saccone


Eastern Wild Turkeys Feeding by Marty Saccone


Eastern Wild Turkey by Marty Saccone


Essence Of Life by Marty Saccone


Lupines Sidelit By First Sunlight by Marty Saccone


Lupines 2 Sidelit By First Sunlight by Marty Saccone


Country Mix by Marty Saccone


Maine West Quoddy Head Lighthouse Version 2 by Marty Saccone


Quoddy Head State Park Sunrise Panorama by Marty Saccone


MAINE Quoddy Head State Park by Marty Saccone


A Lobster Boat Livelihood by Marty Saccone


Dory and Mooring by Marty Saccone


Moored At First Light by Marty Saccone


Fishing the Waters of Down East Maine by Marty Saccone


High Maintenance Heading Out by Marty Saccone


Two Girls Homeward Bound by Marty Saccone


Wallace Cove Fog Rolling In Panorama by Marty Saccone


Three Cairn Seascape by Marty Saccone


Undah Presshah At Mooring In Fog by Marty Saccone


Cairns in Silhouette by Marty Saccone


West Quoddy Head Lighthouse Panorama by Marty Saccone


Light From Within by Marty Saccone


Stars and Light Beams - West Quoddy Head Lighthouse by Marty Saccone


West Quoddy Head Lighthouse History and Facts by Marty Saccone


West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Night Fog No 2 by Marty Saccone


Beacon In The Night West Quoddy Head Lighthouse by Marty Saccone


Pre Dawn Light at West Quoddy Head Lighthouse by Marty Saccone


Crashing Wave at Quoddy by Marty Saccone


Fog Burn Off with First Sunlight by Marty Saccone


High Maintenance Coming into Eastport Maine by Marty Saccone


Popes Folly Island by Marty Saccone


Morning Commute by Marty Saccone


Lubec Buoys by Marty Saccone


Ginia Davis Wexlar Farmstead Barn by Marty Saccone


Turquoise Lobster Boat At Mooring by Marty Saccone


Early Morning Light On Mulholland Point Lighthouse by Marty Saccone


Lubec Harbor PreDawn Silhouette by Marty Saccone


High and Dry by Marty Saccone


The Still Of the Morning by Marty Saccone


Foggy Down East Anchorage by Marty Saccone


Mic Mav by Marty Saccone


Simone and Rachel Beached by Marty Saccone


Foggy Morning Downtime by Marty Saccone


Tranquil Morning Fog by Marty Saccone


Logan James by Marty Saccone


Another Chance by Marty Saccone


Lifes Treasures - Endangered Species by Marty Saccone


Logan Anne - Family Tradition and Mic Mav by Marty Saccone